Our Initiatives

Our Angels initiative is a social service best practice model which takes care of primary community needs: housing and food, transport and other forms of social access, employment and critical care. It speaks to Alumni challenges arising out of COVID, related to life circumstance or simply the responsibilities of age, like care for the elderly and the disabled in our families and communities.

87 on Main: “Progress through Business” is our business development department. Under this theme the Foundation provides tactical and practical support to our collective business base in the form of marketing, developmental and collaborative support. We nurture entrepreneurial activities and integrate our youth into the emerging post-COVID business arena.

Our Alumni Hubs are the originating theme of the BHS 1987 Foundation. They are the main drivers of our activities: the spaces from which we brainstorm, identify community needs and hatch our social initiatives. This year played host to three hub events. Hubs are key in the building out of next year’s formal dinner, our Golf Day fundraiser and the election of endowment candidates.

Legacy 87: “Positioning The Future” is our youth empowerment initiative. It raises funds for endowments and bursaries. In collaboration with our international hubs, it creates opportunities for safe student exchange experiences, both local and international gap year programmes, volunteer, career development and self actualization.