About Us

Living With Purpose

BHS 1987 Foundation is a community service entity born of a well evolved but informal set of relationships between the Alumni of 1987. This formalization of our relational strengths is a simple function of the maturity by which we embrace our natural sense of responsibility, resource stewardship and love for each other to action needed change in the lives of those around us.

What we represent

Our Core Pillars


Promote and encourage ‘social connectivity’ as well as interaction between and amongst Alumni members whilst also promoting and taking keen interest in Alumni members' general well-being!


Introduce business activity and business offerings of our Alumni members for possible engagement by other Alumni members, and even engagement by persons beyond our Alumni members group.


Promote and encourage engagement with children of Alumni members and explore ways and means to be relevant and helpful to them and vice-a-versa.


Reach out, be relevant and helpful to society beyond the Foundation itself to the extent that such ‘outreach activities’ align with the Foundation’s objectives and policies applicable from time to time.