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We are a group of Individuals - community, business, social, influencers and change makers. We are business executives, business owners, sculptors, creators and crafters, champions for change and for causes. We are talented micro and small businesses from every walk of life, representing every domain and field possible.

Meet the Foundation's Directors

Meet the Foundation's Working Committee

Who We Are

What a privilege to be part of such a special group. We are the Movers, Shakers, Dreamers and Makers. We represent the old and the new, the traditional and evolved.

We are the Bryanston High School Class of 1987 Alumni. Our common bond.

Through Unity

Prosperity Through Unity

Many have become highly influential people and leaders of industries. Others support, work and influence various communities and contribute tirelessly to uplifting our nation. We represent every conceivable aspect, domain and element of our old and modern world. We are chairmans of boards, political figures, missionaries living and working in remote locations and everything in between.

We have skills, creativity, products, services, solutions and influence. Most importantly, we have the “will” to not only succeed for ourselves, but help others in our region and community. These are the talented individuals, solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and small business owners from all aspects of life that keep our culture, heritage, humanity, unique visions and outlook on the world alive.

Notice Board

Alumni Member, do you have a child that is Matriculating or Graduating this year?  We would like be of service and see how we can assist.

We would love to hear from you

What Exciting times ! There are so many initiatives, events and new projects to share with our group. We’d love to connect with you and share our news, updates and information regularly.

Call To Action

"A Community is as strong as the individuals that hold it up. Together, we can do more than we can do alone. Let’s bring our abilities and skills together to connect, promote and support our BHS 1987 Alumni members, families and causes."
The BHS 1987 Foundation Alumni Team

In Holding Each Other ... We Hold Others